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We owe all the knowledge about healing properties of Skidnytsya mineral waters to Omelyan Stocky – the ground breaker of the natural springs in Skhidnytsya. He did a whole lot of researches. He cured many diseases. He proved that the local mineral waters contained dissolved organic substances and minerals with the concentration a hundred times more than that of the ordinary and oceanic water. Nowadays in a relatively small area of Skhidnytsya resort zone scientists discovered approximately 38 of natural springs.
In March 2000, “Skhidnytski Karpaty” Spa Center was the first to obtain the status of resort. From that time and on, it is one of the biggest health care centers of Skhidnytcya. Monthly Skhidnytski Karpaty Resort welcomes more than 120 guests.

Skhidnytsya is an endless source of Carpathians’ life energy. It is a real treasury of healing mineral waters. Skhidnytski Karpaty Spa Center offers its guests a warm and inviting atmosphere and comprehensive medical care of the trained staff. We will help all our guests to escape from the hustle and bustle of the routine. Just open your mind and relax, while recovering and inhaling Carpathians fresh air.

Choose the best of the best in Carpathians – Have a whale of time together with Skhidnytski Karpaty Resort

12 cottages + two-story residence hall offers 32 places, a dining room, diagnostic and treatment block, disco club and a playground.

Meals: Three meals daily according to customer preferences

The resort is located

  • 25 km from the railway station
  • 1 km from the auto station
  • 125 km from the airport (Lviv)
  • 150 m from the mineral springs

Amenities include:

  • Hair and beauty salon services
  • Hygienist services

Documents required for registration:
Voucher, passport, spa resort card
For kids: birth certificate, passport for those over 16, vaccination certificate.